when you are being followed---

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When you are driving home and you see that you are being followed, most likely these people behind you have some intentions up their sleeves.

robbed, murdered

A number of incidents in our locality started with this observation by the victims: being followed.

Four years ago, a successful young businessman in our locality drove home for dinner. It was late afternoon, around 5:30, when he noticed two motorcycle-riding men following his car. At first he thought it was just a coincidence or that he was only imagining things but the two men still followed his car even when he was approaching the gate of his house. Then he noticed someone standing right there outside the gate of his house. He never thought that they would rain him with bullets right there outside the gate of his home.

he honked & honked

Seeing the man standing outside and the motorcycle-riders stopping when he reached the gate his adrenaline started pumping fast and he frantically honked the car several times for the house help to open the gate.


The gunshots came before the gate was opened. He was riddled with bullets by the three men who escaped using the motorcycle. The victim was rushed to the hospital and was able to narrate what happened before he succumbed.

when being followed----

This is not the only case of people getting killed or robbed after sensing that they were followed. So what is the best thing to do in case this happens to you?

change route

If you are heading home change route. You don't want to endanger the whole family or give the criminal the idea where you live. Instead, drive straight to the nearest police station and never get out of the car until you are sure that he is no longer around. Seek police assistance so you can go home safely.


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