you are stronger than this addiction!

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this is the process i used to quit smoking, try it & review

Stop smoking, your stronger than this addiction

I know, I know. Smoking relieves stress and keeps you busy. But when the cigarettes over.. your body's damaged. your lungs are hurt. your body's deprived of oxygen. 15 minutes just got taken off your life. Well , your body naturally craves stuff that will harm you. like when your body craves McDonalds or chocolate. You have to fight your flesh. Smoking is the worst addiction ever to quit. even worse than heroine. do you really want to let this addiction control your mind, body, and soul? well im here to tell you that you are so much stronger and better than this addiction.
step 1:
get a good support system. your going to need it!
step 2:
go to cvs & purchase cvs brand nicotine gum (2mg) it works i used it!
step 3:
make a date to quit and if you smoke 1 or 2 the first day, ITS OKAY. cut yourself some slack your on the right track. chew gum every time you get a craving
step 4; sunflower seeds, mints, lollipops. keep your mouth BUSY BUSY BUSY.
step 5;
don't think about smoking or being stressed. stay calm during this process. yoga, massages. all great
step 6;
slowly wean off gum. you probably feel much better by the first week of not smoking. you can breath, you can smelly. and you probably feel healthy (:



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author avatar A K Rao
3rd Aug 2012 (#)

I will try your tips and again I will back to you dear jacklyn to let you know about my progress! Thanks for nice article!

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author avatar shaheda
3rd Aug 2012 (#)

I am a non-smoker but good to know that it is possible to overpower our cravings and emerge more stronger than before.Kudos to you.

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author avatar DorAnn Matthews
31st Oct 2012 (#)

Good for you, Jacklyn! I quit 10 years ago , and still entertain the idea of a cigarette now and then!

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