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If you have a phobia, it can have a large and unwanted impact on your life. I managed to get rid of my phobia, and I hope this may help you to get rid of your phobia.
Isolophobia is a common anxiety disorder. A person suffering from this disorder is extremely afraid of solitude.
In a social psychological experiment in 1959 two social psychologist Festinger and Carlsmith took two groups of students, group one they told, that they would be doing an experiment that was easy. The other group, group two were just told they were doing an experiment.... read on to ...
This is a breif description of my hospital stay, and the world of illusions the pain sent me to. The way the mind deals with survival.
Acrophobia is being afraid of heights and there many people afraid of heights, a phobia which can be faced up to.
This article provides useful information regarding anxiety disorder claustrophobia. It covers meaning of the term claustrophobia, its causes, symptoms and treatment.
This is a self-help page on how to get you over your fear of the dark.
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