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This article talks about the origins, fear, superstition and phobia surrounding the dreaded Friday the 13th
A blind man's fear of the dark is a question that a sighted person would hardly ever consider because surely in blindness there is no knowledge of light and darkness but of course a large percentage of the blind were at one time sighted so the concept of light is entirely rational and...
Phobia is a fear of some object or a particular situation which does not necessarily pose any actual danger. The individuals suffering from phobic reaction often recognize the irrational nature of the fear but are unable to help themselves.
Words are such tricky devils in the best of circumstances and trying to explain the inexplicable so that one can wake even a ghost of understanding in those not stricken with this problem is more than a little frustrating. But I need to try.
Life today has become more cocooned since people spend most of their time in front of TV and other devices. Communication through the media and the modern devices has become an easier and the direct communication of persons face to face has become rare. Does it make social life more p...
this is an article to get over your fear on dentist,
My fear on the crane fly is silly I know, any good ideas would be welcome.
This article explains the fear, anxiety, depression and hopelessness of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. It also offers hope for those who currently suffer from this nightmare.
All my life I have been terrified of rats and mice, I don't really know why. it's a phobia, but some people manage to beat their phobias. Read on to find out more
Phobia is an excessive scared of something that not supposed to be scared of that sometimes could endanger themselves. Phobia people need support from people around them to recovery.
With Hurricane Irene on its way I thought this would be a good read. It's all about getting over your fears and how F E A R is false evidence appearing real. If you really have a fear you want to get can't hurt right? Don't be on.
The difficulties and effects of living with a fear of change.
Raising some awareness of one of the most popular fears- a fear of sick.
The first day at school has been a traumatic experience for three-year-old Jenny who steps into school for the first time. The first day in a new world scares almost every child. What can be done to encourage such a child positively?
Three-year old Jenny has a neurological problem that needs regular medical checkups. She has to be taken to the doctor every alternate week. But taking her to the clinic has been a major operation. Mentioning of the mere word “doctor” makes her scream, kick, and struggle with all...
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