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Opidivo is a medicine that is used for a very advanced lung cancer, but it might not be for everybody who has this cancer
This article will solve all the basic questions you might have about knee arthroscopy
Glucosamine, a popular supplement for patients suffering from arthritis. This article covers all the basics you need to know about it.
If you're having trouble sleeping, like 2 out of 5 Americans who don't sleep enough, your health may be at risk.
Green beans, also known as mung beans are grown throughout Vietnam. The bean is a delicious and nutritious food, and can be used to treat many illnesses. In traditional Vietnamese medicine, green beans can relieve fever and sunstroke, detoxify the body, facilitate the urinary system, ...
The throat belongs to the upper respiratory system, and it has constant contact with the outer environment through the nose and mouth. The throat can be easily infected by bacteria and affected by temperature, humidity and dust. It is protected by mucous membrane and has several nervo...
Farixga is a diabetic medicine that is marketed by two popular pharmaceutical companies in the United States . he Pharmaceutical companies are both well known American companies. These companies are Astra Zeneca and Bristol Myers Squibb
Chemical methods are available for the assay of some antibacterial drugs, but may give misleading results through failure to distinguish between biologically active drug and inactive derivatives. Biological assays methods also called bio-assay are more often used. A simple bio-assay m...
New researcher came out that speed not only revs you up but contrary to popular belief it can also make you slow down
Exploring the main topics of the FlyPharma conference in Heathrow, UK
Pharmaceutical market in and from India is on a twin-engine-powered growth path. The domestic engine continues to log 15+ percent CAGR on a growing base and exports engine is ascending at even higher pace.
This article is a medical information article, simply reporting the facts not taking sides. There are trolls out there who call me a drug addict or drug addict sympathizer, I am neither I am just presenting an article exposing the problems and some of the solutions the government hav...
There is a class of medicines called barbiturates that have quite a few uses/. These uses go from sedation, headaches, and some kind of epilepsy.
If you get the flu this season, or you get the swine flu then try to get elderberry supplements and see your suffering go down.
September is here and the new school year is about to begin. Shopping for school supplies and clothes and making sure your child's immunization is up to date are all part of the to-do list to get your child ready. Although there are potential health concerns with any immunization, t...
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