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There are different ways to lose weight but when you need to shed the pounds faster you need a plan that actually works.
Fear of pain is the most common reason why most people stay away from doctors and hospitals. This is especially true in the case of visiting a dentist or an orthodontist. People are ready to live with the sickening pain but they are reluctant to go see a doctor. Though it can’t be s...
One of the components of a productive life is staying healthy. It is normal for individuals of various ages, economic and social backgrounds to fall off track in regards to their health.
Stomach-ache or more exactly is Gastritis, stomach ulcer, peptic ulcer…Although it is not a life-threatening illness but it has becoming more and more popular due to different reasons impacted, largely due to unscientific living and eating habits.
Kenya Vision 2030 Social Pillar-Health aims to provide an efficient integrated and high quality affordable health care to all Kenyans by the year 2030.
For President Uhuru Kenyatta, this will be another international crowning following the successful hosting UNCTAD 14 Summit last month.
Pediatric health has been emphasized by health departments in many countries. The lives of children should be protected and there are many medical centers from which you can receive advice and treatment.
Addicted to the cigarettes?! Read some of my tips and stop today. Today is the right time.
No diet plan and no amount of workout will get one in good shape when one has a posture problem.
To curb cholesterol instead of flavor, there are certain foods that lower LDL, or bad, cholesterol
Now days it seems we are always on the look out for ways to extend our lives. Here are some tips that may help with that search:
There are various types of Elisa kits that are used for testing. Each one is designed for a specific species. The antigens are different across species so there are unique kits for each one.
If you find yourself doing such things like compulsively shopping or drinking alcohol heavily, you may have symptoms of depression.
Ever since man began to domesticate animals, dogs have been at his side. These loveable creatures play many roles in our lives. They are our pets, companions, guards and even guides through life.
Being one of the most preferred recreational beverages in the world, tea holds a special place for many of us.
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