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Building baby's strength is important for their healthy and active life. It helps them learn to sit, stand, walk and run with confident. As the baby grows, she needs to have the opportunity use her full body muscles (Don’t worry you do not need to send her gym or arrange some dumbbe...
Children with asthma not only face this airway disease but also have to manage other allergy-related diseases such as those that affect quality of life.
The facts and reasons may surprise you to know what living in poverty is really like when you’re a child,
Winter brings in freezing cold temperatures, numbing cold and falling snow but for kids it’s a winter wonderland of snow for building snowmen, sledding and more. For us it means keeping kids safe this winter season.
According to the US Preventive Task Force physicians should screen children and teens for obesity and encourage behavioral interventions to improve weight status.
Lack of sleep effects us in so many ways. A study showed that lack of sleep may also be responsible for teens and sports injuries.
There are different types of juvenile arthritis. Researchers are rigorously trying to find cures.
It is flu season and it is vitally important that everyone get a flu shot. Parents don't forget getting your children the flu shots as well.
Parents should be aware that home remedies are not always effective for children with colds.
There is a new device for monitoring a baby's heart rate. The device is called digital pajamas and now parent can monitor their baby's heart rate at home. This device is a great idea and will perhaps alleviate sudden death syndrome.
Autism is on the rise and researchers are still trying to understand this neurological disorder and how to prevent it.
Autism is a very lonely and frustrating neurological disease which traps children into a world of their own. Depending upon the severity of the disorder some children cannot communicate with the outside world. This article talks about an autistic teen who broke through the barrier o...
Parents who use mothballs needs to be cautious and keep them out of the reach of children.
The problem of drug addicted babies on crack, cocaine or Crystal Methamphetamine is a social problem in modern cities in Canada and the U.S.
Postnatal factors are those factors that affect the child outside the environment of the womb. This article highlights those conditions to alert parents on their dangers.
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