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Highlighting one of the most deadly condition, in which a heart muscle itself starts becoming harder or larger that interrupts the heart pumping and leads towards asymptomatic sudden death you should be aware of
Scientists are now discovering that grilled foods are not good for people with diabetes. it puts them at risk for cardiovascular disease.
Scientists are rigorously working on an antibiotic to combat the deadly MRSA virus once and for all. However, the treatment is not completely a cure, patients with MRSA can still die.
Earlier breast cancer screening will save many lives. Scientists are working on new imaging devices for breast cancer screening.
Many people suffer from Chron's Disease. Researchers are finding that the stools of a person with Chron's disease has E Coli and perhaps the E Coli is the trigger for Chron's Disease.
Microbiologists are finding that certain feeder cells in the brain may help to find cures of degenerative diseases.
.”The normal treatment time for this bug is one to three weeks. Now a Henry Ford Hospital study suggests that they can treat MRSA related pneumonia in half that time."
In fertile couples long to have a baby of their own and the use whatever method is preferable when a natural birth is not possible. Couples need to find out all the risks involved with the procedures such as in vitro fertilization. Some research point to possible birth defects.
New research points to the necessity for coronary angioplasty for treating a possible treatment for heart attacks.
This article is the continuation of the article I wrote about the issues I was having around Christmas time in 2007.
There is a new treatment involving treating stools to combat C. Difficile bacterium.
Calcium is a beneficial component for women suffering from primary hyperparathyroidism.
This particular piece is a recap of 2007. I love to keep all my old stories and reflect upon the progress or lack thereof as the years progress
Scientists are developing a new way to determine osteoporosis. Not much data is available on ethic women.
Drinking alcohol in excess is an immediate health concern. Apparently the youth of today say it is fun and they don't realize the consequences.
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