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Bad habits can infiltrate your life and can be a real nuisance to get rid off, this is why we need to make sure you spot them on time.
This page describes how Stress can induce hair loss.
Writing this post on my behalf living with Post traumatic stress and with Traumatic Brain Injury. It explains how i conduct my life with living with mental illness. To my understanding of what my doctor explained to me on a previous visit that mental illness may be genetic. It just ha...
Pure emotion is something unique that makes you feel happy or sad or astonish and these pure emotions are very important to our lives because it adds the color to our lives.
Though we know that girls mature faster than before. Now we are told that boys have caught up. They too are beginning to mature faster as well.
Sweat and stench is common problem of summer season. Some time fetor of sweat cause of awkward position.
Your should try eating less during the holidays to prevent yourself from adding those extra pounds.
From the oils to nutrients that we can get from natural sources, you would be amazed at the many benefits our hair, skin and basically our entire bodies can get from taking the time to nurture and treat our bodies the natural way.
Arthritis is a problem that makes life horrible, especially the Osteoarthritis . There are certain precautions those may help the patients.
I used to think of myself as generally healthy as I always lived a healthy lifestyle, I don't smoke nor drink and I exercise on a regular basis. It came as a shock to me and my family when one day I had to be rushed to the hospital because of a dizzying spell that hit me all of sudde...
Egg’s shell is a natural source of minerals and contains 90% calcium. Calcium is easily absorbed by our body because its chemical composition is almost identical to human’s teeth and bones.
This article provides a list with anger management tips.
We all need our vaccinations. If we don't get them then we can catch a devastating disease and pass it on. Then everybody not vaccinated will catch it. That is the reason we protect ourselves with vaccines.
All vinegars contain an active ingredient known as acetic acid, which means all varieties (including pasteurized, unpasteurized, organic, and different flavors) are pretty much the same
Bananas have many health benefits which can not be overemphasized. Here are some curious facts about the fruit.
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