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Montreal women often find themselves destitute, pregnant and homeless. It is a serious problem that faces a lot of women across Canada and the United States.
A lot of mothers worry about their weight after giving birth and they want to lose some of it, and this situation may cause read its true, you lose your weight is required, but try to avoid these errors.
Want to find out if your monthly periods are normal for your birth control? Have you talked to your doctor but they were unsure or told you something you didn't understand? Find out here.
Contraception refers to a practice or set of practices that aim at prevention of pregnancy as a result of sexual activities. It includes both natural and artificial methods and the artificial ones which would be discussed more in this posting relate to preventing the sperm from reachi...
This article describes some of the most important movement skills that children need to learn and develop as they grow to make them active and better persons.
Abortion is the induced termination of a pregnancy, often causing fetal pain.
This article is about Medical termination of pregnancy which is now illegally abused by many people in the world to kill an innocent, during pregnancy...
Vasectomy is one of many birth control available in our time. This is the most effective birth control for the couples who wants to stop pregnancy. I my self experience the effectiveness of this method of birth control. I been married for more than 14 years and I have two sons.
Children born with a cesarean section for several weeks showed a stable gut micro flora.
Teens should understand the options that are available for birth control should they decide to become sexually active. Information about the risks and protection should be made available for the safety of their health and future.
A little snippet of my first trip to the sexual health clinic and the awkwardness that followed
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