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General tips that a lot of us, due to the hastiness of our daily lives, forget to focus on.
For keeping good health, we should do regular physical exercise. Physical exercise keeps the body and mind fit.
Many of my American friends are worried about health services for the military. The situation in Canada in 2012 is not any better. They were cutting funding for mental health for the military and it is a crying shame.
There is no doubt that major drug shortages will effect the populace in many ways from prescribed medication to performing surgeries.
There are many over looked causes that contribute to untimely demise of many people across the globe. Wouldn't it be t better t know about those causes beside confining our thoughts towards only a Heart Attack ?
It really is a shame but most of the accidents involving getting hit by a car is a result of children not respecting the rules of the road. They are not paying attention when they are crossing the road and they are darting out between park cars.
Adding flavoinds to your diet can help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Flavonoids are found in vegetables.
Halloween may be over bu,t the danger of putting Halloween contact lenses, or these new fad contact lenses, is still important. One can seriously damage the eyes by wearing these non medical lenses.
Cholera is a deadly disease which is fatal. The disease still affects many people in third world countries. Scientists are working on a new antibiotic to eradicate the disease.
It has been brought to our attention that the ultra violet rays which are transmitted through the use of tanning machines can cause melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer.
We must continually be vigilant of the Norovirus. This virus has been reported on cruise ships and is carried in reusable grocery bags.
Decreasing the Heart related risks can be achieved quite easily with some proper patterns of life style, stress management and eating habits
Tips on what to eat to nature healthy hair. Hair is the origin of a person because it reflects on how the health condition of a person is. That is to say hair is very important to any one and we should know how to keep our hair clean and healthy. Here some good ideas that we should ha...
Drug shortages can seriously affect a person's life. Governments need to be more vigilante and oversee the pharmaceutical companies to make sure there is always a supply for the demand.
Lymphatic device is part of the immune system and is a group or a network of tissues and organs where consists mainly of Aamufah vessels and lymph nodes, as well as lymphatic fluid.
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