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Religion is a wonder psychological tool. It gives some people hope where there was none before.
Lung cancer patients have many fears and emotional trauma. They are often blamed by society and members of their own family for bringing on the disease by smoking. They feel embarrassment, guilt and shame and or often alienated by the ones they love the most.
The anti psychotic drug Risperdal is not safe. Lawsuits are going on in both Canada and the United States. The side effects can be fatal. New laws suits on breast enlargement in males are surfacing everyday to add to the already large list of side effects reported in 2012.
Asperger's Syndrome is a challenging disorder but the sufferers and the caregivers loose their hopes too soon before knowing the best ways to understand and deal with it
Death of a child, can produce more serious symptoms than we thought. Death of a child puts a mother at risk for death as well.
This piece provides a brief description of the nature of humans explained through the example of man who is splashed by a car on his way to work. I am hoping it will give you an understanding of psychology and how psychologists help their clients.
This article is to remind people who self diagnosis from the scant information they get from the Internet. The internet may be a useful guide but it is only a professional diagnosis from a health care specialists that can truly diagnosis a physical or mental disorder.
Many people read about mental disorders on the Internet and then begin to diagnosis themselves and others accordingly. This is very dangerous because they do not have the basic training and different people can get hurt this way.
Many people have bipolar and depression. Seroquel is usually the drug that is prescribed that helps with the symptoms. But in 2012 word got out the pharmaceutical companies which managed this drug was closing down.
Autism is on the rise in the US and Canada. It seems to be localized in certain provinces and also some researches suspect it can be linked to antibiotics and pesticide use.
I don’t know about you and your life but I do think about my own and I think more of us are alike than we like to admit. Here is some of the things I've realized and how they came to be. I hope they help someone out there.
Further discoveries in the meanings in my life and the life lessons learned. I hope they may help others.
Our federal election is tomorrow Oct 19, 2012. It will be a tight race. This election is causing voter stress because many people just do not know who to vote for.
With the widespread use of illegal drugs it is important to be vigilant and keep these drugs away from our children. The police are doing their part and so must parents.
There appears to be a link between depression and heart disease but more studies are needed before doctors can tell for sure.
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