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Sweat contains water, salt and urea etc. the skin keeps off the waste production of the body through perspiration. It protects our body against injuries also. It is also a medium to express the feelings of shame, anger and fear etc., through flushing, redness and blanching.
The folks searching for gold in Radhausberg Mountains, they came to know that radio active gas helped to strengthen their immunization.
Once again the 70 years old invention of sawdust bath is latest Bizare beauty treatment in Japan. Ladies are using several kinds of form to keep their skin beautiful
It is fashion now a days to take bath in beer, it is popular in Europe espectially in Czech republic and Germany.
t is a settled issue that Saltwater affects hair. Salt is produced in pools when chlorine is added to the water to keep it safe and free from the harmful germs. Chlorine reacts and sodium and chloride or salt is the end product of this process.
We give importance to work always whether we get time for a shower or no but eating in restaurants we never forget,because after we come home it hardly takes any time to change clothes after a good days work.We change clothes immediately after coming from work and then put some deodra...
Most people are not aware that soap should not be used to clean the vaginal opening, the tip of the penis (urethral opening), and the anal sphincter.
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