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Alzheimer is the most disabling condition around the world. Sufferers and care givers either don't understand the disease or loose their hopes too soon. But the reality is that, there is a hope and good news to deal as well as manage progression the disease
With the stories of abuse surfacing on the internet, it is important that people carefully check out the nursing homes where they will place their loved ones in their latter years.
Elderly parents with dementia needs special care. Some times their families don't want to help out.
This article reports about a success story of a man with Alzheimer's who had electrical brain stimulation.
New technology is pointed toward electrical brain stimulation for patient's with Alzheimer's.
Music has been shown to enhance all stages of life. It's also a key therapeutic tool for Alzheimer's and stroke patients.
There are so researchers who feel that the current research on alzheimer's is being led down the wrong path.
Memory improvement involves a long and hard journey. But it isn't all about what you do, it's also about what you shouldn't do
Trying to learn how to memorize better isn't easy - here are 4 things to keep in mind when doing so.
Find out the best ways to improve your long-term memory and stop forgetting about important things once and for all!
As a a CNA who works in a skilled nursing facility, I come in contact with residents who suffer from different types of dementia. I will discuss the different types of dementia and how you can make the most for you or a loved one who suffers from it.
This article will take you through ways to help you boost your brain power and prevent age related memory loss.
Become less frustrated and get more out of life as you boost your memory skills and stop forgetting to do the things you must do.
We are all sentient beings, and as such we rely upon our life experiences and the stored memories thereof to make us who we think we are, but unfortunately for a growing number of us this memory bank does not stay with us for the whole of our lives. We all probably have at least heard...
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