Featured articles in Post-Recovery

Although after back surgery, health care professionals will guide you, the work is ultimately up to you. Continuing exercises and moving smart will be key. Your success at full recovery depends on your diligence.
In Diabetic Retinopathy blood vessels start leaking so your eyes start to form new blood vessels. This is taken care of by light laser surgery to stop new veins from forming. Blood that leaked into your eyes develops into vitreous gel and must be removed by a heavier laser surgery.
This page is about my amazing day just eleven days after extensive back surgery. It goes to show the power of prayer. It also goes to show that a person recovers faster when they have a good support system like I have. I describe that here.
I took a bus trip today, just 1 week after posterior lumbar fusion surgery. This page talks about the progress I have made since my surgery on Monday, June 24, 2013. It discusses the challenges that still lie ahead as well.
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