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If you are in Chicago then you should know these places for heel pain therapies.
With a perfect immunity I think that we are the most healthy, and that if we want these things and if we also take into account everything we consume, you should always take care of us.
Fish pedicure sounds fishy but works magic.The ticklish sensation of small fish nibbling your feet is a stress reliever.
Strengthening mind is an essential aspect for people, who want to involve themselves, with the ancient karuna reiki healing. The treatment is related not only to the body and it is connected with the soul as well as mind.
I am not a lover of doctors in fact they frighten the living daylights out of me. So when my brother told me of Global Cardio Care I sluffed it off. Then my inner voice told me to Do it and so I went and had the most extraordinary treatment. Not only did I learn about the inner wor...
Whole body vibration (WBV) is useful for the rehabilitation of the elderly people to enhance bone mass and to provide sensory stimulation and induce reflex muscle activation. This helps to prevent bone fractures.
If you want to relax, you can focus on one of your senses. You can relax through what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you taste and what we smell. So, here you focus on your sense of smelling or what you can smell.
Some people especially Caucasians are prone to having pasty looking and dull complexions thus envying those who have a natural year round tan. It is due to this reason that most Caucasians in the United States and elsewhere love trading their washed out look for a golden tan. This tre...
Foot reflexology is an ancient healing practice. Learn about the benefits and history of reflexology.
Love brings forth ecstasy and peace. Love energizes and heals. Time and company of loving people bring solace and healing.
Aromatherapy is the most effective therapy involved in our life even without knowledge. Our nose is the most powerful organ of sensations. Aromatherapy acts through the smell of aromatic oils and heals.
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