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Moving ahead in life after many deceptions and tribulations can be difficult, but knowing how to drop the past, can help you have a brighter and successful future.
I have some idea about the reality of all situations and happenings, right down to using our own powers of suggestion to effect healing and other happenings of that sort. I would like to go into some of my beliefs on these realities and other "good stuff" of that nature.
Wake up! We all need to at some time. Spending a whole day in bed is something we all wish we can do at times, until we realize it is time for the most genuine of action and it is do or die. Well, read as I write and read between the lines also, you will see what I mean:
You know I was watching people yesterday when I went out. People get devastated over the silliest of things. Everyone has disappointments, setbacks, bad breaks and frustrations.
Self Help is the inner strength of the body and mind of oneself to face the challenges encountered in life. Self Help makes the man self confident to overcome the difficulties faced in life without the help of others. A man can not...
In this article I examine a man who was released from prison after serving 24 years when a judge ruled his trial unconstitutional. Showing uncommon wisdom, this individual has chosen to forgive everyone in the system, thereby setting himself truly free.
Everybody wants to thrive, at least on paper if they cut corners and cheat a little bit. But the best way to thrive is to really and unequivocally thrive. Indeed, at the beginning of this article, I use the overused Mark Spitz quote: "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Withi...
Whimsical poem about personal responcibility ans proper decision making
Thinking last minute is sometimes the unhealthiest thing in existence. Especially when laziness during "good" times is involved. This series of sections are ways to deal better with life in good times or in emergencies without getting too complacent or fearful.
We all have thoughts. But only some of those thoughts get to the final stages of action and generation of results. Here is a formula to get our best thoughts manifested in these sections, broken up into three parts. (Maybe more with longer titles to them and a little more elaboration ...
This article analyzes the jealousy problem and what feeds it.
This is where i've come, so far, on my journey towards understanding Self/Others/Consciouness. It is the first inkling of a book I will be putting together.
I am sure that a lot of people around the world would love to know if the law of attraction or as it is also know LOA really works and can it help make you life better. For this reason I decided to write this article based around my own experience of the law of attraction and the effe...
I have a problem. People "Hear" things in my voice that *I* do not mean when I am speaking.
Sadly there are a lot of people in this world who see fit to pray on others vulnerabilities and fears to make some quick money, by raising awareness and working together we can end this practice once and for all.
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