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Frigidity means coldness and when a woman has no desire for sexual relations or experiences no pleasure when she has sexual relations, she is said to be frigid. Some suffer only from lack of desire, other suffer only from lack of pleasure, and still, yet others suffer from both. In so...
Masturbation is a term applied to a bad habit which consists of handling and rubbing the genitals. It is a bad habit because it is apt to injure the health and future development of the girl. The more frequently it is practiced, the more injurious it is.
Vulvitis is a very unpleasant condition a woman can face at any age, even in the first years of life. It is the inflammation of labia. Its symptoms are incredibly annoying and bring lots of discomfort. On noticing any symptoms of the inflammatory process in your most intimate places, ...
If you have some symptoms or already diagnosed GYN-diseases, hypertonic disease, diabetes, thrombosis or hemorrhoids, you should avoid taking baths in the time of your period. Taking into attention all the risks, it will be better to wait for a couple of days to enjoy your favorite ba...
How to prevent non-sexual infection? Take care of your personal hygiene. Remember: each one must have his own hygienic devices and either never give anyone yours, nor take someone else’s.
What to expect on your visit to a urologist doctor
An acute heel pain does not let you walk, work and do stuff properly. What is heel spur and why does it develop?
Painful bladder syndrome, or interstitial cystitis, is a chronic disease. Patients who have it, feel pain in the bladder, in the pelvic region, rapid urination and frequent nighttime urination.
Epidural analgesia, pros, and cons. When to consider it? Giving birth is, or should be, the most natural thing in the world, but pain is experienced differently by every woman so that sometimes she can be an ally and sometimes an enemy
When most of us hear the word probiotics, what comes to our minds is yogurt, but these microbes should not always be associated with food or food marketing.Recent research on probiotic shows that it can actually have some benefits on the health and especially women’s health.
An embryo can be transferred fresh into the uterus this day, be cultured an additional day to day-6 if awaiting a genetic test result for fresh transfer, or be cryopreserved by vitrification and stored for a later month awaiting other genetic test results.
Each year 237,000 women have heart attacks. Most of us know the common signs and causes such as heredity and smoking, but there are other things in which can cause a heart attack that you may not realize.
Governments must ensure investments in health reach the poorest and most vulnerable groups and proposes innovative technology use and social protection programmes.
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