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This is the time of year when anxiety overcomes many of because of the changes in our life. Students are now going to school, teachers and professors are making more lectures, financial matters are changing, and the life style is changing. Going from home to college campus for the fir...
Anxiety can take joy from its victims. This article will show you how to take back control of your life.
We all have stress but there are ways that we can learn to cope and manage stress. A little planning ahead can help in many situations.
Life can be difficult but suffering from a disorder that makes each day a struggle means coming up with alternate coping methods. Living with a disorder you are unaware you have can create issues.
this page talks about the types of food that one can eat to either cure or even avoid anxiety.
This page gives a writing on how we can heal or avoid anxiety by the use of homeopathy
This article examines the types of Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms and treatments
The use of essential oils as a means of promoting emotional and physical well-being.
this page presents a brief statistic of the anxiety case in people, we have so many cases of anxiety that have not been diagnosed
This page about the stress management. There are some tips to manage stress like: Learn to be patient and observe the way your weight is shifting towards the ground and let go of everything, all the heaviness and all the tiredness.
Our modern society is plagued by various types of diseases. Out of these diseases, nervous tension has evolved as a serious problem in front of the society. It’s completely different from the other diseases considering the fact that there are no bacteria or germs involved in it. Exp...
So, you have reached a place where everything and anything is not working, and you want to get angry because there seems to be "no other choice". Well, this series of articles will tell you different.
The individual suffering from anxiety neurosis often demonstrates a serious degree of unfounded dread, apprehension and worry. The anxiety reaction may be caused by too much concern for one’s future. Such individuals are easily upset about little mistakes they have made. Unlike othe...
There are many different types of anxiety disorders and many people who have them. A look at six of the most common ones. What are the symptoms and how are they treated?
I have just read the very sad case about a young girl from Florida, aged only 12, who was repeatedly bullied online and in her daily life, so she took her own life. Her parents have set up a fund to help pay her funeral expenses, and arrests of two girls have been made. Read on to fi...
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