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Personal safety is of paramount importance to any individual. Despite exercising due care, there could always be some instances where one runs into situations which cause a threat to safety. It is not always that help comes from outside and an individual is left with defending oneself...
I ‘grown up watching Tin Tin, Tom & Jerry, ScoobyDoo and the last of my cartoon series was Pokemon. If you have watched it you will know that it is about a young boy who fascinates about these amazing creatures with different powers, each is very different from the other.
The main aim of any presentation is to ensure that the information is shared among the one’s present and in the best possible way to use the free android powerpoint templates.
It is increasingly difficult to draw a medical line between life and death. The German Ethics Council has now tried to talk to brain death and organ donation clarifying statements - and is divided against itself.
The skin is sensitive to touch, pressure, pain and temperature. Spread all over the surface of the body, it may be called the largest sense organ. Besides its sensory function, the skin also serves protective and excretory functions, and helps regulate our body temperature. In some an...
We should blow our nose every morning and clean it with water. We should never put our fingers, match-sticks and other foreign matters into our nostrils. We can use nasal drops in consultation with a doctor if our nostril het blocked.
A look at ebullient doctor who has been calling the shots in the African continent.
Here's are the tips what you can do to settle your hair after a workout session
Power nap cafe for working ladies in the day time, for short period of nap the Quaska is collecting fee and it is located in the business district of Askara in Tokyo
Lifetime Fitness Gym is an excellent way to meet people in the singles scene and get a great workout.
It’s surprising how outdated some training methods still are today, what with all the new advances in techniques. Gyms usually have rows of machines, but this type of training lends itself to slow muscle building, not rapid fat loss. The average person hopes a brisk walk on the trea...
Medical tourism has been gaining boom in India and is attracting thousands of people from all over the world.
Exercise has always been part of my regime. As a child, I played tennis, took modern dancing classes and was in the cheerleading team. Riding bicycle and rollerskating were my favorite activities.
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