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Wondering why you need to stay up to date on getting your teeth examined? Let me show you the benefits of routine dental exams!
Smoking cigarettes after a tooth or multiple teeth extractions can lead to a condition called, alveolitis known as dry socket.
Periodontitis, (gum disease) is a inflammation and infection of the gums causing supportive bone loss, tooth loss and tooth decay. Residue from smoking pot, a illicit drug in the U.S.A. causes tartar build-up on the teeth, that turns into a brownish-black color and difficult to remove...
Tips and Techniques for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep.
Here are few tips to look after our voice on world voice day today and every day.
Teeth is a calcified,whitish structure found in the jaws of many vertebrates used to breakdown food.Some animals use it for hunting and defensive purposes.The teeth are covered with gums at the cervical 3rd of the tooth.
If you are wondering whether you should spend the expense of an electric toothbrush? Is it worth the price?
Your teeth have a lot of interesting stories to tell and next time you want to impress your friends with strange knowledge, keep these seven facts in mind.
Your toothbrush looks innocent enough sitting on your bathroom sink. But before you put it in your mouth, consider this: the average toothbrush can contain 10 million bacteria or more—including E. coli and Staph.
Periodontal disease, is an inflammation and infection of the gums, causing loss of the bone that surrounds and supports the teeth. Today 1 out of 3 people are walking around with periodontal disease without even knowing that they have it.
All about the mechanism of the anti-bacterial agent in our toothpaste and the response of the decay causing bacteria thereof.
It is better to have your teeth whiten by a professional instead of using over- the -counter whitening products.
Kissing is now a norm rather than an exception in today's society.But there are hundreds of diseases that can be transmitted through a kiss.
In Quebec, especially Montreal, getting dentures at one time was considered a cool thing to do. Many Montrealers had bad death or even when their teeth were not that bad, still wanted to get their teeth pulled out. They could go to just about any dentist and get it done.
The interest towards cosmetic dental treatments has also meant that there are more options available for people, making it difficult to know which are the most effective ways to achieve a beautiful smile.
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