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What to Eat With Your New Teeth. After-dental implants menu
When babies or small children lose his/her teeth too early, it might cause the other teeth that emerge to shift into the spaces that are unoccupied. Consequently, this can lead to abnormal growth angles. Anyone that breathes through their mouth might cause dry mouth to develop. This u...
The medical name for bad breath is halitosis. One can get bad breath as a result of bad dental health.
There are some certain rules in nutrition you will need to keep for getting a white smile.
Being a bit smarter about sugar will help improve your teeth and it will protect your waistline which is definitely something to smile about.
Your teeth serve more purposes than just helping you chew your food. They also help you speak and help to provide some structure to the face.
Root canal procedure can put fear into anyone with a damaged tooth. This articles explains why, what and how the procedure works.
Odontology is the branch of science which has a great scope in the future and as the new technologies and experiments are done, this field is getting more and more advance. Odontology is the scientific study related to teeth and teeth related problems. There are lots of experiments ar...
I remember vividly well those times when opening of soft drinks, Gnawing on a pencil, Munching on cubes of ice and breaking of bones with our teeth signifies healthy teeth and strong bones. We’ve all done these things, yet most of the time we don’t realize what we’re doing to ou...
Dental sunken or buried phenomenon experienced by some, as it grows some teeth and consists not show the full meaning of their inability to perform their function, this phenomenon is common and often in the wisdom tooth more than the rest of the teeth
By now almost everybody knows what Teeth Whitening is. But what goes in behind the scenes? Lets explore this procedure and find out what's REALLY going on.
What exactly is cosmetic dentistry? What procedures fall under this discipline? Find out all that and more with this article on the process and applications of cosmetic dentistry!
Wondering what the Teeth Whitening process looks like or if it's right for you? Let us explore the Teeth Whitening procedure together!
Want to know exactly what goes into a root canal? Lets take a brief look at what goes into the Root Canal procedure.
What Do Your dental office have planned to cerebrate Halloween with their young patients this year.
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