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Do you like sitting in the sun? Are you happiest in a heat wave? WE have to remember the sun if we spend too much time in it, and not drink enough water. WE will become dehydrated. Dehydration could be mild, and you just need treatment at home. But if it is hot and you are sitting in ...
Here are first aid tips to apply to a victim of heatstroke in the event a case suddenly unfolds in your presence. It's fine if you're already well-versed in the procedure, if not, we can only imagine the chaos and confusion that will befall on you given the situation. So imbibe the fo...
Snakes are widely feared as deadly, poisonous creatures. Though most snakes are not poisonous. But still cause harm due to allergic reactions. However, the exceptions, poisonous snake's bite are lethal. Here are a few steps you may follow till the help arrives, if you are caught in su...
Martine Jadotte, founder, President and CEO has dreamed of creating better lives for children who are not as fortunate to a family or access to life’s most basic necessities since her childhood.
it is about health and what eneds to be a health lifestyle
Some people may not know that today is World AIDS Day December first, this moment is celebrated to raise awareness of the worldwide AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of the HIV virus. Own AIDS Day was first conceived during a meeting of health ministers of the world in 1998. Since th...
Meet someone, it seems as easy as ordering sushi. But meet THE right person, the man with whom we can build something solid, it can be as simple as crossing the Channel swim. With a little preparation, it shows you that it's not rocket science.
Aloevera is a plant that is good for a human from head to toe. In this section I have mentioned about the fastest way to cure the burn, infact the best first aid for burns.
Despite doing precautionary measures to prevent illness, a disease may attack a child any time like a thief in the night. The situation worsens if parents are ignorant of their roles in meeting such problems, whereas, if they're armed with ample health knowledge, meeting such conditio...
It's a short note how and why mosquitoes stings and how to prevent it.
This page contains information about first aid treatment and the way to apply in case of serious injuries happens in the result of any accident.
swimming is an art. it Is moving in water by the help of hands and legs. Nobody can swim in water all on a sudden.
Recognize a choking victim at a reasonable time and save him from collateral damage or death.
Each year, 2,000 cases of breast cancer found in American men, and an estimated 500 men died from the disease
Education is one of the best way to prevent and treat any kinds of ailments such as skin problems. Read carefully as it may be simple but really a serious issue.
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