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If your ankle more disturb in the cold? If so, you definitely will get from these measure. Regular massage.
The colds usually gradually will decrease the human immune system and makes it prone to infection or other diseases.
The cold air can trigger a stroke due to exposure to cold causes increased blood pressure, blood vessel constriction, and clotting of platelets. Researchers in the United States also revealed that low air temperature variations can also cause a similar effect.
This is what happened when I got a rare, but full-blown, yet short-termed cold. It was a surprising time of reflection and self-honesty for me that had some surprising results, also it is a sort of document of how I took care of myself well enough to keep that cold "short and sweet".
In this article I will show you the top ways to boost your immune system and prevent getting sick this winter. Follow these tips and you can be at your best and stay healthy until springtime.
A look at how the human immune system works; and a consideration of if you CAN catch diseases from vaccines.
Typhoid fever is a common illness that strikes everyone either children or adults. Know more about its preventions and symptoms.
Cold normally results from viruses making it difficult to be cured but can be treated. A lot of water may be necessary when one has cold.
Cold is common. It need not make you embarrassed or empty your energy of life. Cold is to mould your health and strengthen your immunity power. You can solve this common cold problem easily with home remedies or herbs that are commonly found around you.
Researchers have developed a new oral antiseptic spray which they claim can kill 99.9% of infectious airborne germs.
Superstorm Sandy in the west and Cyclone Nilam in the east have devastated the earth, causing great damages. They have almost retreated. But the aftermath effects are yet to follow. Diseases will spread at an epidemic speed. Precautionary measures have to be taken up to encounter them...
Flu often overlooked by people. Some people easily consume flu drugs which are sold freely on the market in the excessive doses, without heeding the instructions written on the packaging. Some people also don't care that they have spreading the virus to others through their careless b...
Seasons change. They come one by one with new messages. They demand change from our side too. We have to change according to the change of the seasons. They are also reminder for the end of human destiny.
Winter is on its way, which mean that colds and flu on their way too. Should you have a flu shot this year? Most people find they are much better the winter they have a flu vaccine, but some people are certain that they always get sicker when they have a flue vaccination. So what shou...
Common cold is a common problem.This article explains some home remedies for cough and cold.
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