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"What is a drug?" "Some thing that is addictive. It intoxicates you. Once addicted it takes you out of your mind and you lose all sense of who you really are. You become dependant on it, body and mind. You can go without that high." "So does that make me an addict?...
How do you know if you or your loved one is alcoholic? Here I have listed 5 signs to easily recognise an alcoholic.
I've known of gambling addiction,and its consequence,but it took an inside guy,and a victim,to show me the darkest side of it.
This article gives the best and one and only top way to give up the smoking addiction.
Living a healthier life involves taking many steps, day by day in a journey with God
Before I start let me make it clear,I am a smoker and this is not a down on any of my fellow smokers. All the information you will find in this article I have gleaned from the back of a packet of “Pall Mall” cigarettes. All I have done is to use a calculator to gather what amount ...
Social drinkers will take some good drinks which is good for our health and avoid addiction with it.
The alcoholics I know (and its two too many) don't have a clue how painful - and irritating - it can be to be with them. Here's an account of a recent incident
Are you addicted to social media sites? Is your idea of a good time spending hours surfing the internet, finding out what everyone on your contact list is doing? If you feel life is passing you by, now's the time to reflect and not just from your computer screen...
An article about quitting smoking after 50 years of on and off smoking and after having a nightmare that I couldn't breathe and neither could my daughter.
Sadie has lost everything she cares about, so how can she stop drinking?
On avoiding the pitfalls of blame, shame, dependency and disunity while recovering from addictions.
After struggling with tobacco addiction for 30 years, I finally found the key to quitting for good. It's free and it's fairly simple, and anyone can do it.
yes, there are many benefits by eating chocolates. But, excess of anything is harmful.So there is no need to avoid eating chocolates also. there are benefits and disadvantages too.
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