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Drug addiction is the worst habit practiced by few youths in the society. The youths do not know the impact of this drug habit upon their body and mind. They feel pleasure of enjoying drugs. Initially they take the drugs for a moment and encou...
Coke may be the joy of living, but I rather choose a cup of well made coffee.
Addiction is one of the worst monkey's you could ever have on your back; I chronicle my experiences as a writer in hopes of inspiring another person to get help -- to let them know that it doesn't have to be a fatal diagnosis.
Most young people now make video games as a 'trend' to fill their leisure time at home. So much so that most of them are willing to treat the money spent a game in the Center of the Internet. Time spent reaching for hours to focus on this game.
Many drug addicts and alcoholics have turned to drugs and alcohol because of underlying personality maladjustment. Drug addiction is not limited to a group of social class, as many individuals erroneously believe.
The wife of an alcoholic feels her life spinning out of control as her husband drags her into his world of alcohol induced madness.
Pornography is a huge part of our day and I am here to ramble about the evils brought upon by it. Say whatever you want, but I know it only bring unhappiness and suffering to those ensnared and those involved with its victims.
Being detached is not the same as being apathetic. We can be 100 percent detached and 100 percent involved at the same time. In, fact our commitment toward achieving a particular result is usually enhanced by being detached from it.
When you comfort an obstacle to getting what you want, consider a new attitude: It's just a habit. And it can be changed.
This is a series of mini-articles I am starting here on wikinut on good habits, positive affirmations, and many other self-improvement and health maintenence through good habit related topics that I do or come to me as ideas for that.
Often people will think about and talk about what is happening to them and have ideas about their future care but then don’t record whats is important to them.
This article offers a deeper understanding of addictions in general.
How facebook affects people negatively in the way of addiction, laziness and cyber bullying which always has the forboding possibility that it can lead to self harm and even suicide in serious cases of incessant bullying.
Addiction to pain pills is chronic in society these days; however in some cases the pain pill user might be dependent or addicted or both. How do you tell the difference?
How does one getting into addictive behaviors and how does one get out of addictive behaviors
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