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Realistically speaking, all pain is temporary, and much pleasure is memorable. But the only pain that seems permanent to some is fear. That is what I want to talk about in this article, having permanent courage facing it all down and getting through it.
When you are driving home and you see that you are being followed, most likely these people behind you have some intentions up their sleeves.
Well, fortunately Father has been back home for some days now, after his gallbladder removal operation and the blood clots in his lungs that followed.
Life gets better if we pull ourselves up instead of let it get us down. I know, we have all heard that before, but I will put a "new color spin" on this reality in this article.
Information on back remedies to do at home. It gives the information for medications, therapy and what to do if the pain does not go away.
Read about my experience with melanoma skin cancer and how everything seemed to go wrong on the day of the excision/surgery.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, systemic disease characterized by painful, inflamed joints. The disease can take place at any age and can affect vital organs of our body like heart, lungs, and kidneys apart from affecting the joints and muscles. Today, it is a serious matter of con...
What is stress? Tips to reduce Stress: Take a break Organize your life Practice Relaxation Stretch
Most people associate burnout with fatigue, and while fatigue is often present with burnout, there are other factors which can be manipulated to overcome burnout.
This is the beginning of my health issues concerning my liver.
One of the most horrendous crimes against women are acid attacks, that disfigure a woman for life, if she even survives the attack.
This article focuses on finding motivation to make a lifestyle change, changing one's diet and resources to finding vegan meal options.
The first of several articles on my journey to becoming vegan.
After being on the "cancer train" for two years, I have decided to take a new approach to pushing the cancer into remission and am chronicling this new journey.
Want to loose weight as much as 5kg? Here are guides and ways to help you trim down fast.
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