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Why music (or reading aloud) can make a seriously ill person smile and to forget about its depressing present.
Your depression is not caused by the outside world, but by your own personality. By transforming your personality you will stop feeling sad and discouraged and you will learn how to change your life; even if you believe that there are many things you cannot change.
Depression can be tough to live with, find out some ways to learn how to manage it effectively.
One D stands for the protecting nutrient vitamin D and another D stands for the killer Depression. Nutrition experts say that vitamin D, taken sufficiently, can control depression.
It all starts with genuinely looking up and never ends. No, the actions that need to be taken never end.
According to the most recent statistics on suicide rates in Canada put out by The National Public Health Institute of Quebec, Quebec still holds the highest number of suicides in Canada and Montreal has the highest number of suicides for large cities in Canada.
Cognitive psychology (thinking and logic)–the "rational" approach. Cognitive psychologist states that to change our behavior we must change our thinking.
Brief psychology therapists are also concerned with the "here and now". Their focus is on what a client can do to change what is happening now as quickly as possible. This type of therapy is known as third wave or third generation.
Gestalt therapy is centered in the here and now, unlike psychoanalaysis, the gestaltist is not interested in past experience only the issues that your are facing at the moment.
Dr. Sigmund Freud and his former student the great psychologist Karl Jung were the pioneers in psycho dynamics (Freud) and psycho lanalysis (Jung).
Emotive psychologists believe the best way to treat depression or any other psychological issues is to let the feelings out.
What do you mean depression after born and what that means?
What causes depression, how do we fight it, and is there a cure.
Try to accept a divorce in order to resolve problems quickly and avoid prolonged trauma.
Stress could trigger a chemical change that makes you irritable
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